Michel Kreisel was born  in Caracas, Venezuela. His passion for movies and filmmaking began very soon after. 

During his time as an undergraduate in the U.S., Michel immersed himself in a broad study of the craft of filmmaking and animation. Crewing in different positions on a number of exciting projects, he was able to gain a comprehensive overview of the different disciplines involved in bringing a film to life. 

Hired as a visual effects artist at Rhythm & Hues upon graduation, Michel was exposed to the talent and knowledge that made the company one of the leaders in the industry. Throughout his prolific 6-year career as a VFX compositor, he was fortunate to work on some extraordinary projects such as Life of Pi, X-Men: First Class, and Harry Potter 7. 


Michel is now pursuing his lifelong dream of directing; he is currently attending USC’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts.

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